The only story I ever want to report, is Josh"     

                                       ---Anderson Cooper


Press Highlights: 

"The one saving grace in this film is actor Josh Cahn. Playing what feels akin to Jaimie Kennedy‘s role in SCREAM, Cahn is funny, likeable, and I wanted more of him on screen. I would watch an entire stand alone film with him as the lead, any day. This kid is a gem."

              ----- Liz Whittemore (Reel News Daily, Review of Against The Night)

"Josh Cahn plays Mr. Scary, Daddy and Gladys Gutzman, and it’s as Gutzman, the cafeteria lady, that Cahn takes center stage. The way he delivers the role is reminiscent of Edna Turnblad from “Hairspray,” and with funny lines and a cute dance number, he received well-deserved laughs and giggles from the audience members." 

              ----- Rita J. Egan (TBR News Media, Review of Junie B. Jones)

"The cast is rounded out by relatively fresh faces from the NYC and Philadelphia region. Stand out performances include Luke Persiani as Hank the ambitious auteur, and Josh Cahn as Dan.  Their characters draw attention every time the camera lands on them."

              ----- Ty Andreaco (Cult Classic Horror, Review of Against The Night)

“It’s fun. It’s romantic,” said Lambert. "There are big obstacles to overcome and characters that are just amazing to watch."

  ​            ----- Shannon Heupel (Montgomery Advertiser, Review of Much Ado About Nothing)

"features such dialogue as this memorable come-on line from a horny lothario: “It’s like Orange is the New Black, but with a dude!” (Dialogue said by Josh Cahn)

               ----- Frank Scheck (The Hollywood Reporter, Review of Against The Night)

"Every actor in the supporting cast is absolutely magnificent. I am not one to exaggerate or to give praise when it is undeserved. I assure you there isn't a weak performer or singer in this show." 

               ----- Tom Stevens (Rising Action, Review of 1776)

"There are a wealth of characters in this story who are very, very interesting. We have a reindeer who is a hilarious, hilarious character." 

              ----- Shannon Heupel (Montgomery Advertiser, Review of The Snow Queen)

"Disapproving of a marriage between his niece, Ermengarde, and an artist, Ambrose Kemper, Vandergelder attempts to keep the couple apart by sending Ermengarde (Haley Karlson) to New York but Ambrose (Josh Cahn) follows her. Karlson and Cahn make a convincing couple."

              ----- Gerry Roe (Iowa Theatre Blog, Review of The Matchmaker)

"A charming idea with a relevant theme for American audiences."

               ----- Haylet Levitt (Theater Mania, Review of Bellini and The Sultan)

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