"He is the love child of Jerry Lewis and Channing Tatum."

---Jerry Lewis/Channing Tatum

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Josh Cahn in HBO's The Plot Against America

Comedic TV/Film Reel 

Commercial Reel 

Dramatic TV/Film Reel

Full Projects

This is Not Us

Production Company: Multipleoutlet Productions 

Directed by: Yeeshai Gross/ Matt Scott

Cogency Global Commercial

Production Company: Prosper Digital

Directed by: Laurence Shanet


Drunk History Live! 

Production Company: Comedy Central

Directed by: Stephen Stuart 


Bengal Bug Spray

Production Company: TEMPT Films 

Directed by: Brian Bain


Airstream Commercial Sizzle
Airstream "Silver Singing Season" 
Airstream "Kyle's Moment" 

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