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Josh as Saul Tieg in HBO's The Plot Against America

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Airstream Commercial Sizzle Reel 

Josh Cahn//VO Commercial Demo20s-30s, Bright, Comedic.
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Commercial Voice Over Demo

        Do you need a brassy voice for your Voice Over commercial or animated series? 

                                                ....then you are in the wrong place. 

Can he talk? Yes. Has he gone through puberty? You be the judge. But he owns a microphone and is often on-time. 



Against The Night 

"The one saving grace in this film is actor Josh Cahn. Playing what feels akin to Jaimie Kennedy‘s role in SCREAM, Cahn is funny, likeable, and I wanted more of him on screen. I would watch an entire stand alone film with him as the lead, any day. This kid is a gem."

         --Liz Whittemore (Reel News Daily)

Shear Madness

"Mikey Thomas (Josh Cahn) is the first customer of the day. This is finely tuned comedy, especially when we consider that it is never the same play twice.  The show is beautifully acted and directed, and it is very, very funny."

          --Gerry Roe (Iowa Theatre Blog)

The Immigrant 

"Cahn has the difficult job of playing Haskell. But the character grows and develops during the play, and so does Cahn’s performance. Likewise, his argument with Milton is electrifying. The final scene between the two men is heartrending, and Cahn and Wetzel deserve credit for making it so."

         --George Basler (Broome Arts Council)

Against The Night

"The cast is rounded out by relatively fresh faces from the NYC and Philadelphia region. Stand out performances include Luke Persiani as Hank and Josh Cahn as Dan.  Their characters draw attention every time the camera lands on them."

         --Ty Andreaco (Cult Classic Horror)

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